Cross Browser, Facial Authentication Framework

An easy to implement, secure, and adaptable Passwordless Authentication & Authorization framework for web applications powered by Face Recognition.

Once Implemented on your site, you'll be able to:

Instantly authenticate users via face recognition with maximum convenience on their favorite browser.

Enroll new users, securely, and at real-time without FIDO keys, OTP codes, or security questions...

Reduce fraud with built-in deep-fake detection, and maximize conversion thanks to Passwordless authentication!

Solve audience authentication once for all. Say goodbye to bots and automated scripts!

Straightforward Integration

Seamlessly integrate on your website or web application in under 5 minutes with just few lines of code

Defense-Grade Accuracy

Highest security standards with maximum user convenience powered by state-of-the-art facial recognition engines

Privacy By Design

We incorporate privacy tools into FACEIO by design so that itโ€™s easy for site owners to protect data, and enable users to opt-out, and be forgotten

Cloud & On-Premise Deployment

Scalable, cost-effective & On-Premises deployment for total control over your users data 

Cross Browser, No Biometric sensor required, Cloud & On-Premise Deployment
Seamless user experience

Instantly authenticate users with facial recognition on their favorite browser

FACEIO works with regular webcams and frontal cameras on all modern browsers, does not require specialized sensors, fingerprint or depth perception thanks to state-of-the-art facial recognition engines.


Anonymous storage of facial hashes.

Trust Center →

Backed by state-of-the-art Facial Recognition Engines.

Dev Center →

Sandboxed Apps & TLS Encrypted Interactions.

Get Started →
fio.js integration code showcase

Zero external dependency. Only standard technology implemented in plain JavaScript & CSS.

Full cross-browser compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge & Chromium derivatives).

Full Support for Cloud & On-Premise Deployment.

Get up and running instantly

Simple to Use & Easy to Implement

Seamlessly integrate on your website or webapp in under 5 minutes with just few lines of code.


Create a FACEIO Application First

Follow the Application Wizard on the FACEIO Console to create your first application and link it to your website or web application...


Select a Facial Recognition Engine

Review Security & Privacy settings, Cloud or On-Premise deployment and customize the Widget layout.


Import The fio.js library on your site

As easy as adding three lines of JavaScript code to your existing HTML pages...


๐Ÿ‘ Roll Facial Authentication to your users

Congratulations, you have FACEIO Up & Running. Now, it's time to enroll() and authenticate() your first user...

Increase trust & safety on your platform

Maximize Conversion & Retention Thanks to Passwordless Authentication

Prevent Account Takeovers

Thanks to a virtually impossible to spoof facial recognition, passive user experience.

Works for Everyone & Everywhere

Consistent & Intuitive facial on-boarding experience across all browsers & devices.

Straightforward Integration

Easily integrate on your website with few lines of JS code using the fio.js library.

Increase Trust & Safety on your Platform

Reduce fraud, improve retention & reduce customer abandonment rates.

Increase Customer Retention Rates

Moving Business Forward

Say goodbye to bots and automated scripts. Build safer and smarter authentication & on-boarding experience for your users powered by Facial Recognition...

Accuracy in the Wild

99.8% LFW recognition accuracy with optional PIN code requirements to achieve 100% accuracy.

Stay Compliant

Strengthen your Verification & KYC application with facial recognition.

On-Premise Deployment

Facial hashes & Meta data never leaves your deployment servers if opted for.

Maximize Conversion

Increase customers retention with quick, low-friction user experiences.

Implement FACEIO Today →
Fintech & Financial Institutions

Reduce abandonment rates, keep fraudsters out, strengthen your KYC application form...

Online Communities & Marketplaces

Authenticate users in seconds and facilitate trust in your platform...

Booking & Travel Agencies

Streamline flight, rental car and hotel check-in processes...

C2B - Consumer to business

Simplify the user experience thanks to facial authentication!

Simple experience, proven technology

Eliminate Passwords. Balance Usability & Security Thanks to Facial Authentication.

Results you expect. Implement FACEIO Now!

Defense Grade Accuracy

Production hardened with maximum user convenience powered by State-of-the-art Facial Recognition Engines. Integration Guide →

Privacy Inclusive

Deploy On-Premises for total control over your users data reinforcing compliance with local privacy regulations. Learn More →

Enterprise reliability

High availability, global distribution, and disaster resilience out of the box with full support for on-premise deployment.

Always-On Data Encryption

Always-on Sandboxed Applications & TLS Encrypted Interactions. Learn More →

Seamless User Experience

FACEIO is designed to be as beautiful, accessible and consistently easy to use as it is reliable. Get Started →

Straightforward SDK Integration

Easy to implement, scalable, cost-effective and available everywhere, anytime, on any device. Integrate Now →


Roll Facial Authentication to your Audience Now...

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Learn how to create your first FACEIO application, implement fio.js on your website, enroll your first user, and finally roll facial authentication to your audience...